Thursday, August 9, 2012


         Last night our family had the joy of hearing Ugandan Thunder, a children's choir from Uganda composed 22 of orphans. They arrived in the U.S. less than two weeks ago and will be touring all over the country for the next several months. As we were preparing to go to the church last night Carson came to me and told me he had collected some toys that he wanted to give to one of the kids in the choir. I was hesitant because I felt like they were sort of inadequate because they were used and not in perfect shape but we were running a little late so I decided not to argue and allowed him to bring the grocery sack of toys to church. The boys very much enjoyed watching the singing and dancing. After the service was over Carson made his way up to one of the boys and handed him the bag but didn't explain that he waned to give it to him so the boy handed it back. We came to another boy and I explained that Carson wanted to give the toys to him.  He accepted, expressed his thanks and gave Carson a hug. A few minutes later Carson asked to have his picture taken with the boy, whose name is Julius. He of course agreed, but it was after we took that picture that the most touching thing happened. He hugged Carson again to thank him for the toys and became so overwhelmed with emotion that he began to cry. He was so grateful for the few toys Carson had given him and I had almost interfered with the blessing that God had in store for Julius and for us. What we didn't know until the end of the evening was that yesterday was Julius' birthday. God had Carson pick those toys as a birthday present for a boy we had never met when we didn't even know it was his birthday. When I talked with Julius today I told him that Carson didn't know it was his birthday when he gave him the toys but God did! And he agreed, "Yes, He did!"

We had the pleasure to visit and play with the choir kids today.
 They truly are such grateful, precious children!


  1. I'm crying reading this! Our God is amazing!What a testimony shown through two precious boys that God brought together!

    1. Renee', I cried when it happened! It was so awesome to see how God works!

  2. Praise the Lord for Carson's tender and attentive heart! Thanks for sharing with us.Love you! Jeana