Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tweet Tweet

       Carson received a wooden birdhouse from his Nana and Grampa for Christmas. He of course had a great time painting it! He enjoys almost any type of art project. The finished product HAD to be put in the backyard. When I originally put it in the tree I didn't really expect any birds to come. A couple of months after we hung it up we noticed a couple of birds hanging around, one of which had some grass in its mouth. To our delight it made its way into the birdhouse!

The fact that the bird built a nest is exciting but of course there is usually a funny story to accompany most situations in our lives!  A couple of weeks ago I discovered Carson had used his climbing skills to take the birdhouse down. As I pick it up I realize there are baby birds inside!! My first thought is, "OH NO, what if the mama bird doesn't come back now!" SO I carefully put the birdhouse back on the same branch hoping the mama would come back. Thankfully she did! The birds are now growing! Carson and I have had a couple of conversations about the importance of not bothering baby birds. If these birds survived our yard they probably have it made!